The Doug cult is now an official affiliate of Shrew Gaming.


This will be returning as well!!! Check back for updates!



Dougbay is now online! Purchase new tools to help with Doug's praises!


Dougism is the practice of honoring Doug Kowaleski as God. True Dougsciples revere the Alto Saxophone and the Basoon as holy instruments.The Dougsciple's Creed is as follows:

i. I swear on my faith to never intentionally chip, break, or otherwise damage my Vandoren reeds

ii. I swear to never intentionally play a Saxophone or Basoon out of tune.

iii. I will never disrespect Doug or his High Priests, lest I faint one-thousand times and be stored in the Tuba case of Hell

iv. I swear to never chew gum during a band practice or performance

v. I swear on the Holy Book of Doug never to damage or disrespect an Alto Saxophone or a Basoon.

A sample of the new holy video archives.
I should start this shit back up some time.

~ High Priest Kaleb on March 22, 2014
We will be voting for Douglas and Casey Cole for drum major 2013.
The soundboard is a work in progress and is coming along slowly. There are still many phrases I need to acquire and I am being delayed in receiving them. They will come though, and the soundboard will eventually be released to the public!
I have added a forum discussion for cooking recipies and have added videos of Doug playing the Basoon!
I will be working on a Douglas soundboard app. There are no guarantees on this, as I am not sure I will be able to make it. If I manage to create it, I will put it on the Iphone and Android market for free.
Today, March 5th, is Christmas! Rejoice, and celebrate this day in holy communion with your fellow dougsciples. The first annual Holy Communion was held 3/5/12 in Jefferson's cafeteria.

Our new version of music, Dougstep, is being worked on by our Director of Bands. It will be added to Dougtunes upon completion. We have a new marketing head in Jefferson school district.

We are now an affiliate of Shrew Gaming
We're back! We will be updating constantly and we have now published the Dougbay store!

We will be wearing our shirts again Wednesday, November 21st.

November 9, 2012

Dougtunes has been published! Much more content to come in the near future! I've made a feedback thread on the forums.

November 7, 201

Dougtunes is currently in developement and will be brought to the site as soon as possible!

November 7, 2012

Obama may have won the election, but that won't stop us from taking the country by force! Go Doug!

November 6, 2012

All members please visit the "Dougtunes" discussion in the forums and vote on my new proposed plan.

November 5, 2012

November 6 is National Saxophone Day! This is a day to remember Doug and the wonderful instrument he has blessed us with!

Maintenance: Forums updated, moderator priveleges granted.


Remember to wear your "Doug for President" shirts Monday, November 5!


This is purely for fun and is not meant to disrespect, insult, or make fun of any real religion